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Experiment Management made for Growth Teams

Increase your Experiment & Learning Velocity by keeping track of your experiments, tasks and learnings in one place. 

The secret of great Growth Teams

Real growth comes from systems, not single actions

Your list of experiments is doing you a disservice...

While real growth comes from a systematic process


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The Experiment Management Tool made for Growth Teams

Step 1: Gather Ideas

Build a backlog so that you never run out of ideas

Outline Experiments with Confidence

From now on, every Growth Experiment will be well documented

Prioritize with Ease

Prioritize ideas quickly.
No discussion needed.

Step 4: Work work work

With a Growth-specific tool, you save hours every week

Share & Document Learnings

Stack your knowledge for years: Finally write down your learnings

A framework developed for the world’s top growth teams

“GrowthOrange is developed based on the past decade of consulting high-growth companies and optimizing their processes. I made this tool as there was no easy-to-use, affordable tool like this for (smaller) growth teams to really take their growth process serious.”

Ward van Gasteren, founder GrowthOrange & Growth Consultant/Coach for companies like:

So in the end, you'll get:

More experiments

More wins

More learnings

In less hours

Exceed your targets for only €29/month

... and more is coming soon

Features in Progress

1-Click Meetings

Talk about work where the work is happening, to keep your notes in sync with your experiments & prepare meetings with 1-click agenda creation.

Velocity Dashboards

See exactly what is holding back your process and what you need to work on to get more experiments and more wins. Data-driven process optimization.

Agency View

Oversee all clients at once, have a personalized, professional environment to show your work & share internal knowledge with the full team.


All the essential tools you need to run a smooth growth process.

Get started with Orange in less than 10 minutes

Instantly give your growth team a clear and streamlined process to collect insights, manage experiments & update their stakeholders.

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