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GrowthOrange originated from a frustration other tools like this charge €100+ per month (per user). We wanted to make a tool that is easy-to-use, product-led and fairly priced.



All the essential tools you need to run a smooth growth process.

Essential Features
Essential Features
Coming Soon Advanced



Essential Plan + Advanced features for Advanced Growth Teams

Essential Features
Essential Features
Coming Soon Advanced



Advanced Plan + Agency-specific features for extra overview & client management

Essential Features
Essential Features
Coming Soon Advanced

Frequently Asked Questions

An Active User is a user who has any sort of editing rights. These are usually all of your active growth team members who you want to allow to edit experiments, update statuses, assign tasks to, manage their own tasks or let them comment on anything.

A View-Only User is ideal for stakeholders outside your Growth Team. For example, if you want to allow your boss to see the progress by themselves, if you want to allow a colleague to submit their own ideas & see the progress or if you want to let a new hire read all the learnings from the past.

Limits: View-Only Users are always unlimited on all plans so that you can freely invite your colleagues to be involved without having to worry about pricing. For Active Users, the amount is limited per plan as each plan is made on the assumption that bigger teams take bigger packages, so that’s why the Advanced Plan allows for more Active Users. At any time, you can add more Active Users for €5/mo per extra user. 

The 14-day free trial gives you all the features from Essential & Advanced so that you can freely roam around and test everything. At any time during your trial you can pick any plan and finish your trial. 

If your trial ends after 14 days and you haven’t signed up for any plan, your account will be frozen. This means that you can still see everything but won’t be able to edit anymore. After 90 days of being frozen, your account and all the data will be deleted for privacy reasons.

For any thing in GrowthOrange (experiment, insight, task, etc.) you’re able to see the editing history of who changed what on that thing and you’ll be able to revert it.  This way you know if anything was changed, you can ask that person to elaborate and easily change it back.  

This feature was created from the big frustration that Excel changes can be so permanent or that your experiments can be changed when you’re unaware. This way nothing can be lost from your sight.

GrowthOrange is going to be the central hub for Growth Teams, but we can’t build that dream all at once. We want to build a steady software with proper features. For this first year, we’ll be launching one feature after the other and prices for new users will rise accordingly (while still maintaining a low-priced entry plan that covers the essential needs).

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[Coming Soon] GrowthOrange connects to 5000+ other tools through Zapier and also has an in-depth integration with Slack, email & powerpoint to automate your work from Upgrow. 

Custom integrations are possible on request if you’re on the Advanced Plan and up. Think of two-way integrations between your GrowthOrange tasks & your tasks from Jira/Asana/Trello/etc., automatically pull-in test data from your AB-testing platform, or get data from GA. 

To get you started all plans include a certain number of Active Users, while View-Only Users are unlimited. For every extra Active Users you’ll pay €5 per month.

[Coming Soon] GrowthOrange has an import experiments feature when you’re just getting started. Here you can upload an excel sheet or CSV-document from your current experiment database. From there we import all experiments, and we’ll do our best to import statuses, scoring and tags if the formatting somewhat matches our backend. Since you might be importing a lot of extra process information (more statuses/tags/scores), we recommend you to be careful when importing experiments into an existing/running GrowthOrange account.

Alternatively, you can book a Transfer Service (Free) and we’ll manually transfer all your experiments for you from your current database or software and setup your statuses/tags/scores as you were used to. This solution is ideal if your CSV can’t be imported, your current provider doesn’t have an export function or if you want to get up-and-running without all the hassle. 

Currently we don’t have an “export everything” button, as this is a fairly big challenge technically to structure all the data in a usefull manner, but feel free to contact us if you need to export your data for any reason. 

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade, cancel and pause at any moment. As time periods are pre-paid, pricing changes will be applied in the next month and cancellations/pausing will commence after the currently paid time period. 

We accept Creditcard, PayPal and iDeal. You can find receipts under Settings > Billing & Invoices. 

Pay by invoice is possible on request. 

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