Growth Orange

Instantly create a Professional Growth Process to impress your team

GrowthOrange is made for Growth Professionals, by Growth Professionals. This way we created a tool that is optimized for our needs, with a UI and features that are made for the perfect Growth Process.

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Everything you could wish for in a Growth Management Tool

Gather Ideas

Rank Ideas

Outline Exp.

Work work work

Study & Scale

  • Brainstorm Boards
  • Backlog Management
  • Goal Templates
  • Idea Tags for Reference
  • Attach Files & Hypotheses
  • Goal Prioritization
  • Customizable Criteria
  • PIE/ICE/BRASS Templates
  • Filter & Sort on Scores
  • Link to Objectives
  • Scoring History
  • QuickScoring-Mode
  • Visual Scoring
  • Experiment Templates
  • Hypothesis Templates
  • Metrics to Track + Targets
  • AB Test Visualization
  • Link to Docs & Resources
  • Customizable Tags
  • Task Assignment
  • Subtask Creation
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Per Experiment or Person
  • Task Templates
  • Searchable Results Base
  • Outcome Documentation
  • Conclusion Templates
  • Link Future Experiments
  • Full Version History
  • Manage Next Steps
  • Every Insight Tagged
  • Go beyond Excel or Notion with a tool made for Growth Teams

    Your spreadsheet doesn't look as organized as you think it is. Use a tool that you can screenshare & that makes you look good.

    Make a convincing impression with a convincing process

    Keep Track of Growth Experiments

    Experiments, tasks & insights in one place

    Use a process that fits you & your team

    Tags for a data-driven process

    Let's see how you optimize every step of your G.R.O.W.S. Process:

    Goal & Gather Ideas

    Gather every idea,
    without losing track

    Involve your colleagues & get ideas from all sides

    Define your Focus, North Star or One Metric That Matters

    Go into Brainstorm mode, easily share it with the team & document all ideas

    Made to be easy for anybody to give input & share their ideas

    Rank Ideas

    Quickly Score 100s of Ideas without Confusion

    Because scoring is important, but shouldn't take ages.

    Easily score your Growth Ideas.
    No discussion needed.

    Upgrow Growth Experiment Scoring Mode - Screenshot Growth Orange

    You pick: PIE? ICE? BRASS? Or whatever scoring suits you.

    No more 'Should we do a 3 or 4?' Let the team score individually without bias

    Outline Experiments

    And from now on, every Growth Experiment will be well documented

    GrowthOrange includes everything you need:

    Easily share a link to a single experiment page

    Professional standalone pages for every experiment to share as a summary or for stakeholders to see the current status of their ideas.

    Add QuickLink to instantly go to your actual page Meta-campaign GA Reports feedback survey Ahrefs research ticket in Jira piece of inspiration competitor example AB-test in VWO earlier experiment

    Clip any link to your experiment to speed up the process for yourself and your team mates. Makes it easier to understand eachother, to get your work done & do your analyses.

    Simply see your AB-test variants side-by-side

    Beat that, Excel! Now everyone knows what we're talking about.

    Keep it clear & concise with tasks & subtasks

    And finish it up with your conclusion & learnings

    Afterwards, everyone can read what the outcome was and the single learnings stay connected into your knowledge base, based on the tags of this experiment.

    Screenshot from example experiment

    Work work work

    Getting the work done got a lot easier by linking your Tasks and Experiments

    Kanban View of your Growth Experiments

    Oversee all open tasks & what needs to be done where

    See the tasks per person

    To see who needs to do what

    ... or per experiment

    To see what's left before launch

    Study & Scale Outcome

    Stack your knowledge for years: Every learning, result & win in one place

    In the end, everything comes together in your Searchable Knowledge Base

    And that's where
    you'll make the difference:

    Where others settle...

    You can break through!

    More Experiments leads to More Learnings which leads to More Wins

    “GrowthOrange is developed based on the past decade of consulting high-growth companies and optimizing their processes. I made this tool as there was no easy-to-use, affordable tool like this for (smaller) growth teams to really take their growth process serious.”

    Ward van Gasteren, founder GrowthOrange & Growth Consultant/Coach for companies like:


    All the essential tools you need to run a smooth growth process.

    Get started in less than 10 minutes

    Instantly give your growth team a clear and streamlined process to collect insights, manage experiments & update their stakeholders.

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